If looking after your health is the way you keep up with your busy lifestyle, our Silver Cover is a great solution. It gives you the freedom to take good care of yourself with the natural therapies you enjoy, as well as take advantage of regular visits to essential healthcare professionals.

Service Type Limit per person
unless otherwise stated
Natural therapies
Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Acupuncture, Remedial Massage
  Up to $300 combined
Preventative healthcare
Health Management Services:
Asthma – Asthma Education, Asthma Swim Classes, Buteyko
  Up to $300 (Single)
Up to $600 (Couple/Family)
Diabetes – Diabetes Education  
Coronary Health – Quit Smoking Courses,
Nicorette Patches, Heart Rate Monitors
Mental Health – Stress Management, Yoga, Tai Chi,
Yogalates, Reiki, Flotation Tank, Pilates, Feldenkrais,
Life Coaching, Counselling, Meditation
Cancer – Approved UVR Protection Sunglasses,
Approved UVR Sun Protection Clothing,
Melanoma Imaging, Bowel Cancer Screening
Weight and Nutrition – Weight and Nutrition
Programs, Gym Memberships and Personal Trainers
Injury Prevention – First Aid Courses, First Aid Kits,
Learn to Swim Classes, Alexander Technique,
AOK Mediballs, Arthritis Management
Risk Assessment – Health Risk Assessments,
Bone Mineral Density Tests, Protective Headgear
General Dental (General, Preventive, Diagnostic, Restorative)
  No limit
Major Dental:    
Inlays, onlays & facings   Up to $300
Crowns & bridges   Up to $650
Dentures   Up to $500
Endodontic / Periodontic   Up to $500
Other specialist services (excluding Orthodontic)   Up to $700
Optical   Up to $200
Pharmaceutical (Including Allergy Vaccines /
Hormone Implants/Diabetic Syringes)
  Up to $500
Specialist therapies
Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy
  Up to $700 combined