GALIB, in association with Grand United Corporate health, has created tailor-made health cover for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Community. So now you can enjoy private health cover exclusive to GALIB that supports your lifestyle and healthcare choices.
This fresh, specialised approach means you can get better value by being able to make more relevant healthcare choices. you'll get generous rebates on a range of healthcare options that you may want to use regularly, like acupuncture and physio. We even give rebates on your vitamins, natural health supplements and practitioner -dispensed remedies, and there's no limit on general dental services. Plus Grand United covers a wide range of complementary therapies from naturopathy to aromatherapy. It's health cover that gives you more freedom to look after your health, your way.

We also help you look after yourself with excellent rebates on a great range of health management services, from Life Coaching to Quit Smoking Programs, gym memberships and personal tainers. Of course, we'll also take care of you if you need dental, optical or hospital care. But we're sure you'd prefer benefits for activities that keep you healthy in mind,
body and spirit every day. Grand United Corporate Health is a specialist health insurer well-known for its innovative approach to health insurance.
We encourage you to make healthy choices by paying generous rebates on a wider range of natural and alternative therapes, plus more traditional care. We put choice in our member's hands - giving you the freedom to look after your own wellbeing the way you want.

When you think about looking after your health, we bet you don’t think about lying in a hospital bed. That would be looking after an illness.

Looking after your health is about much more than hospital visits – or even periodic dental appointments, optical checks and visits to a doctor or pharmacist. There are so many enjoyable ways to look after your wellbeing – meditation classes, fitness programs, homoeopathy, remedial massage, nutrition programs, physiotherapy, learn to swim classes, and so on. GALIB Gold, Silver and Bronze Extras Covers are designed to recognise the choices that you make to look after your health, so that you’re less likely to need hospital stays. It makes sense to us, just like it makes sense to you. And we believe no one knows more about how to look after your well being than you. Which is why we’re proud to help support your healthy choices.

Of course, we’ll be there when you need more conventional care too. You can combine your GALIB Extras Cover with Ambulance Cover (NSW and ACT residents), or Diamond Hospital Cover – for all-round care and complete peace of mind.
Combining GALIB Extras Cover with Hospital Cover lets you save. When you take a GALIB Extras and Hospital Cover together, you’ll receive a saving on your Extras Cover contributions, no matter which health cover you choose. And, if you pay by direct debit, you’ll save an additional 3% off the total cost of your health cover. Taken together, that adds up to quite a saving.