Even if you spend time looking after your health, you’ll have extra peace of mind with private hospital cover – whether you have an injury or just need your wisdom teeth out.

And Diamond Hospital Cover comes with a choice of a $250 or $500 excess
per person, which helps to keep your contributions down.

Doctor of Your Choice   Yes
Public or Private Hospital*    
Accommodation (per day)
  100% of cost
Psychiatric/Rehabilitation (per day)   Limited**
Cosmetic Surgery, Surgical Podiatry Precedures   Limited**
Theatre   100% of cost
Intensive Care   100% of cost
Critical Care   100% of cost
Same Day Theatre   100% of cost
Medical Gap   Up to 100%#
Ambulance   100% of cost†
Prostheses (Govt Approved)   100% of the minimum cost
Travel and Accommodation   Up to $500
On-Site Accommodation   Up to $500
Special Nursing   Up to $875
Television and Telephone   Up to $100

* Grand United has contractual agreements with most private hospitals and day facilities in Australia. Partner Private. Hospitals charge an agreed rate for most hospital services to Grand United GALIB members. For a list of Partner Private Hospitals, call your Member Relations Team on 1800 814 159. For hospitals that have not entered into an agreement, benefits will be paid at the lowest contracted amount for the specified treatment in any Partner Private Hospital in the same state.

** Benefits payable are set by the Minister for Health and Ageing. before attending hospital for these services, call your GU Member Relations Team on 1800 814 159.
# Please refer to Medical Gap and Access Gap Cover information on page 12.
† Full Ambulance Cover for NSW/ACT residents only. Emergency Ambulance Cover for residents of other States not covered by a Stat Governemnt Ambulance Scheme.

Excluded treatments
No benefits are payable for pregnancy, pregnancy-related and/or birth-related conditions,
IVF/GIFT, sterility and sterility-related procedures.

Fiona’s young and on the go. Since finishing uni, she’s found a good job and scored her first promotion. Will she stay there? Probably not. But right now, she’s saving up for her dream trip to Africa – with help from Diamond Hospital Cover, as it turns out.

  * Examples provided in this brochure do not represent actual testimonials from members and are
meant for illustrative purposes only.