Gay And Lesbian Insurance Brokers recommend Insurers Hotline for all our Private Motor Vehicle Insurance. Insurers Hotline as you may have seen on Channel Seven Today Tonight, have the most competitive premiums in Australia. Part of the Budget Group, they were one of the first companies in the world to sell & service car insurance on a call centre basis.
The group began as an insurer in South Africa in 1984, and opened in the UK in 1992. Insurers Hotline is now in Australia. For an online quotation for Private Motor Vehicle Insurance, please click on the Insurers Hotline Link below.

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Should Insurers Hotline not suit your requirements we are able to source alternative markets or should you require commercial motor vehicle insurance or motor fleet insurance please contact our office.

Motor vehicles that Insurers Hotline do not insure is as follows:
- Second hand imports.
- Vehicles before 1960.
- From the Northern Territory.
- HSV Holdens with drivers under 35 years of age.
- V8 or turbo with drivers under 35.
- Adayer, Beach Buggies, CSV.
- Brock or HDT Commodores.
- Torana V8.
- Falcon GTHO, Cobra V8's.
- Mazda RX3,4,5 rotarie.
- Subaru WRX.
- Vans and Trucks over 2 tonnes.
- Motorbikes.
- Greenslips.
- Caravans.

- Drink/drugs with over 3 month cancelled licence.
- Drink/drugs with over 3 month restricted licence.
- Drink/drugs with level more than .09.
- Licence cancelled more than once.
- Licence cancelled more than 3 months.
- Stealing motor vehicle / burglary.

- Engine performance changes.
- Suspension raised or lowered.
- Wide wheels.
- Non standard tyres.

- Taxis.
- Hire cars.
- Goods delivery.

- Cars over $125,000.
- TPFT over $7,000.
- Agreed if car is under 10 years old.